The Best Hug in the World 

A heartwarming children’s book about unconditional love

An Inspirational Story About Never Giving Up

Tommy Feight’s The Best Hug in the World is a tale of magical moments that will appeal to both children and their parents. Illustrated by graphic designer Daniel Klein, the charming book tells the story of a young boy’s love of hugging.

Rather than being a celebration of heartfelt moments, however, this emotional journey is anything but straightforward for young Shams and his father. The sweet, brown-eyed boy at the center of the story is determined to become the world’s best hugger, but his noble quest is fraught with setbacks. 

Join Shams and his father as their father-son relationship is tested like never before. The Best Hug in the World is packed with endearing characters, genuine love, and a profound message that will resonate with parents and children alike. 

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Joyful Storytelling with an Important Purpose

While Tommy Feight’s story is as entertaining as it is endearing, there is a very worthwhile cause behind its creation. Proceeds from the book’s sale will be used to provide books to underprivileged children. Non-profit organization Feight Club gives books to children to ensure the joy of reading isn’t reliant on a parent’s ability to pay. 

When you purchase a copy of The Best Hug in the World, you’re helping Feight Club put a book in the hands of a child. By enjoying this joyful tale of family values that demonstrates the positive impact resilience and perseverance can have, you’re giving an inquisitive, hopeful child the opportunity to discover new worlds and scale the heights of their imagination. 

But that’s not all. There are several life lessons contained within this inspirational tale—the most impactful of which is the positive effect perseverance and resilience can have on young minds. 

Buying this children’s book will help Feight Club introduce the joy of reading to even more children across the US. But if you’d like to do more, you will find information about ways to help at

The Creative Minds Behind the Story

Only a loving father could write such a tale of empathy and kindness. Filled with examples of meaningful interactions, positive parenting, and childhood innocence, The Best Hug in the World is an excellent example of parenting wisdom being put to the best possible use.

Tommy Feight

The creative mind behind this heartfelt story is marketing professional and well-known TV personality Tommy Feight. Renowned for his successful podcast and storytelling prowess, Tommy is perhaps best known for his appearances on Bravo TV’s Shahs of Sunset. Others will know him from his acclaimed podcast Till the Dirt, which he hosts with his wife, Mercedes Javid. 

Anyone who knows Tommy understands how important values such as integrity, perseverance, and resilience are to his daily life. Despite critical acclaim and a legion of fans from the worlds of TV and podcasting, however, the most crucial thing in Tommy’s life is his family. 

In writing The Best Hug in the World, Tommy has skillfully combined his considerable storytelling talents with his strong family values to create a tale that will resonate with any devoted father. 

Daniel Klein

Every great children’s book begins with a tale of strong values and life lessons. But without descriptive and charming illustrations, the target audience—preschool children—simply won’t be interested. That’s why Daniel Klein’s contribution to this story is every bit as important as Tommy’s. 

Daniel is an accomplished graphic designer from Curitiba, Brazil. Having worked on high-profile projects for clients around the world, he’s now doing something that gives him genuine joy— illustrating children’s books and portraits. To check out more of Daniel’s work, head to his website at

Buy your copy of The Best Hug in the World today, and play your part in helping us ensure every child who wishes to read has the opportunity to do so—regardless of their background or their guardians’ economic status.